Business Plan

Before starting entrepreneurial activity you need a business plan. The purpose of a business plan is to assess real capabilities of the proposed business and to ensure sustainable management of resources. A business plan is a basic management tool and requires a mix of specific knowledge and skills in marketing, finance and economics.

CHIPPER will make a business plan for you.

Employees at CHIPPER will help you make a quality and optimal business plan in accordance with international standards UNIDO.

Approximate structure of a business plan:

  • Title Page;
  • Memorandum of Confidentiality;
  • Resume;
  • Description of the company and industry;
  • Description of goods (services);
  • Marketing and selling products (services);
  • Production plan;
  • Organizational plan;
  • Financial plan;
  • Direction and effectiveness of the project;
  • Risks and guarantees;
  • Appendices.

A business plan is one of the general documents that will highlight all aspects of the company, prevent possible obstacles and plan tactics to overcome them. At the first, initial stage of any business, this document will be of paramount importance.

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