Comprehensive Accounting Services

Employees at CHIPPER Company provide comprehensive accounting services, which can be by subscription (on a permanent basis) or on a one-time basis. Our company offers a wide range of accounting services:

  • organization of accounting, development of accounting policies;
  • keeping financial and tax accounting records (full or partial);
  • reconstruction of financial accounting records (full or partial);
  • complete accounting, making and submission of financial and tax reports;
  • payroll accounting; consulting.

By entrusting us with accounting on a contractual basis, you get the knowledge of not just one accountant but a whole team of expert accountants. Our staff has a long and successful work record in the field. We have unique practical knowledge and know how to make the right decisions in any situation, even most unconventional. We will take care of all accounting in your company and thus protect you from unnecessary financial and emotional costs.

Directors of new companies often face a problem when the company has not yet started business or has just started it and the deadlines have come for submitting reports. In this case, we can offer you one-time accounting services for the compilation and submission of quarterly reports, including zero years.

We bear full financial responsibility for all decisions we make.

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