HR Recordkeeping

Organization and maintenance of HR recordkeeping is a must for any organization, regardless of its size and scope.

Documenting the work process is an important function of any organization as HR documentation is the basis for calculation of payroll, bonuses and other payments, which in turn influence the company’s expenses that reduce tax base. Therefore all HR documents must have legal force in its composition, rules of drafting, registration, storage and comply with legal regulations existing in the Russian Federation.

Most corporate executives do not control HR recordkeeping in their companies. Many organizations do not have important HR documents, such as employment agreements, staffing structure, safety regulations. Many directors are not even aware of the existence if collective labor agreement, job descriptions, internal regulations, etc.

CHIPPER offers HR Recordkeeping service for your company. Our staff will do the documentation of labor relations, keeping employees’ work books, the organization of keeping timesheets, mandatory logbooks for HR recordkeeping.

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