Personalized Record Keeping

CHIPPER provides services for individual record keeping for legal entities (private entrepreneurs) and individuals.

In accordance with the law «On Individual (Personalized) Record Keeping in the System of Mandatory Pension Insurance», all insured parties are obliged before March 1 to submit to the relevant body of the Pension Fund information on persons for which they make insurance payments.

CHIPPER offers preparation of the following documents for personalized record keeping:

  1. Form SZV 4.1 Individual information on length of service and accrued contributions (information for personalized record keeping) shall be submitted:
    • if the insured person in the accounting period (reporting year) is eligible for early retirement pension, or in case of necessity to give certain periods for child care, etc.;
    • if the employee has been hired and dismissed several times.
  2. Form SZV 4-2 — Individual information on length of service and accrued contributions — submitting reports to the pension fund on the insured persons who are not eligible in the accounting period for early retirement pension, and is there is only one record of the beginning and end of the period of work.
  3. Form ADV-11 — information for personalized record keeping on payment of insurance contributions for mandatory pension insurance.
  4. Form ADV-6-1 — list of documents handed by the insured party to the Pension Fund of Russia for individual information.
  5. List of insured persons of optional form is part of reports to be submitted to the pension fund.

For failure to submit or submission of incomplete or inaccurate information, the insured parties shall face financial sanctions in the amount of 10% of payments to the Pension Fund of Russia due for the reporting year.

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