Reconstruction of Accounting Records

Employees at CHIPPER provide services for reconstruction of accounting records. The company can do full or partial reconstruction of financial and tax accounting records.

For reconstruction of financial and tax accounting records, CHIPPER conducts re-examination, and if necessary, reconstruction of all financial and tax statements, and reconstruction of accounting ledgers and primary accounting documents, etc.

Reconstruction of financial and tax accounting records covers the following:

  • classifying and processing primary documents, reconstruction of accounting transactions;
  • analysis of primary documents of the company for their compliance with the established forms;
  • verification of necessary ledgers, reconstruction and making of accounting ledgers;
  • verification of tax payment calculations and tax declarations;
  • preparation of financial statements of the company in compliance with requirements of the applicable law;
  • based on the data obtained in the reconstructed accounting, we make accounting and tax forms for quarter and annual reports to relevant authorities;
  • consulting on further accounting strategy.
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