Registration of Firms and Private Entrepreneurs

CHIPPER is doing successful work in registration of firms and companies, as well as private entrepreneurs. When you entrust us with registration of your company (LLC) or registration of a firm, you can be sure that we will do our work correctly and on time.

Services for registration of LLC include:

  1. Consultation on all issues relating to the establishment and functioning of a company;
  2. Preparation of a complete set of documents required for state registration;
  3. Payment of a state duty for initial registration;
  4. Submitting the documents to the registering authority for registration;
  5. Receiving ready documents from the registering authority;
  6. Making a seal of the registered company.

Service for registration of a private entrepreneur includes:

  1. Detailed consultation on registration of PI;
  2. Preparation of necessary documents for registration of PI;
  3. Payment of state duty for registration of PI;
  4. Registration in IFTS;
  5. Making a seal.

Employees at CHIPPER have sufficient theoretical and practical experience in registration of businesses, which enables us to avoid errors and omissions on this issue. Besides that, our clients can be assured of high legal quality of all documents we develop for you.

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