Visiting Accountant

CHIPPER offers the Visiting Accountant service, which enables you to save your time and money.

A CHIPPER employee will visit you at a time that is convenient for you and enter all current documents into the accounting software in the office. Our specialist will consult you on accounting and taxation issues present you a schedule of taxes and reporting to IFTS, extrabudgetary funds, offer best taxation terms of your organization, and ways to solve financial problems.

We also offer the following ways of cooperation:

  • If you do not have an office, our accountant will make your primary documentation and send it to you by means of communication (email, fax).
  • If your employees make primary documents themselves in the accounting software, our accountant will come to your office, make sure the documents are made correctly, calculate salaries and wages, make taxes payment orders, and advise on any issues you ask. In you office, the accountant will make appropriate tax and financial reports, timely prepare and submit the balance sheet, tax declarations to IFTS and all required reports to PFR and SIF.
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